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If you are beginning to set your smile on the path you envision for it, don’t forget to take the steps to adjust for changes in your lifestyle. Even a single change in your lifestyle can put you at a huge risk for an oral accident or injury and leave your smile at risk. Every so often, reassess your life for any activities and obstacles that could be in the way of optimum oral health.

If you would like to keep your smile safe, avoid all peer pressure risks and unhealthy habits that are often associated with dental damage. This includes smoking and chewing tobacco, as well as using drugs. Due to the numerous risks that can arise in the form of dental damage, you should avoid these products whenever possible.

In addition, if you are associated with any high-risk activities that constantly put your health at risk, or are involved in any contact sports, it is important to wear the appropriate safety equipment. Just as a motorcyclist wears a helmet to protect their brain, so too should you wear safety gear to keep your teeth and gums safe. This includes helmets, mouth guards, face masks, and any other guards used to protect your smile.

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