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Usually, if something has gone wrong in your mouth or teeth, you will know it right away. After all, it is hard to not to notice if you have a tooth knocked out or broken, or if a cavity has resulted in an abscess. After all, we are talking about some serious pain when those things happen. But a cracked tooth may not be very painful most of the time.

Often, a crack in your tooth is so small that your dentist may not notice it during your regular exam. In fact, some cracks are so thin that even an x-ray will not detect them. However, even a crack that size is large enough to allow bacteria and infection to set in, or for a cavity to develop.

If such a crack is so small that it can’t be seen, how will you know if you have one? Usually by the pain. It may be very intense pain, or it may be mild, but it will be brief. That may be an indicator of a cracked tooth. When that happens, make a note of what you were doing when the pain occurred, and where you felt it. That will give your dentist a good starting point. Your dentist may be able to fix the problem with a filling or a crown. In some cases, the damage may be severe enough that a root canal or extraction will be required.

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