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Your routine dental checkups are essential for detecting and preventing oral health problems. Each of these simple outpatient appointments will effectively remove bacterial deposits from your teeth while also detecting any early signs of gum disease and tooth decay.

If our dentist finds a small active area of tooth decay, we will explain your possible treatment options. In the case of a small cavity, we might be able to treat the tooth by applying a simple dental filling.

This treatment plan will require a follow-up appointment. Our dentist will explain your numbing options. Once you are comfortable all the compromised tooth enamel will be carefully removed.

If the treatment area will be visible when you smile our dentist might recommend using a composite dental filling. This type of dental filling is made from a special dental grade plastic that can be shaded to perfectly match the adjacent tooth enamel.

After shading and applying the dental filling material our dentist will use a special ultraviolet light to harden it and seamlessly bond it with the surrounding tooth enamel.

If you live in the Shadyside, Ohio, area and you suspect a cavity has developed on one of your teeth, we encourage you to call 866-414-3630 to have it examined and treated at Complete Dental Care. We look forward to helping you with your oral care needs!